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| Lexan Racing Glass |

New Hardened Lexan Race Glass:
911,996, 997 and Cayman
Formed, trimmed and anti fog;
40% harder than others on the market;
Highly scratch and chemical resistant;
The best optical clarity;
Manufactured to Aircraft Quality standards
2011 997 GT-3 RS Rear spoiler; New redesigned deck lid with full width raised top air intake section. RSR style top wing blade Includes New middle deck lid. Special order German import Only $3850.00 FRP
Here is our New 996 Classic Duck tail;
Includes wiring harness. Fits well.
Price $850.00


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997 Turbo GT-2 rear spoiler
Deck lid and wing blade;
Post Cured and primered; Fits well;
We supply for 997 Turbo and Carrera;
Only $2000.00

( Save $1500 )

Here is a picture of 997 GT-2 wing blade for 997 turbo;
Price is $1400.00;
We have wing blade for 996 and 997 turbo.
Here is our new 996 Turbo GT-2 front bumper for 996 Turbo and 2002 + 996.
Includes carbon front lip and grille screens Only $1475.00;
Here is the new 996 Turbo Aero Kit front lip spoiler; fits great; Also fits C4S, Made of Urethane; Primed and ready to paint like factory;
Price only $550.00
New for 997 Cabriolet;
Aero Carrera rear wing
Includes 3rd brake light and wiring harness
Only $1350.00

New 997 GT-2 Rear Spoiler;
Includes 3rd. Brake light; hardware and wiring harness;
Fits great; only $1675.00
New; 997 GT-3 RS rear spoiler with carbon fiber wing blade;
Wing base is primered and ready to paint.  Includes wiring harness, and
hardware; Excellent Quality;
Only $2875.00
New 997 Aero Kit Rear spoiler
Decklid wing are one piece; Like factory
Includes wiring harness and hardware;
Excellent Quality;
Only $1550.00.
Here is our new 996 Turbo rear bumper for 996;
Fits very well; includes grille screens; Only $1150.00
Brand New 2003 GT3 Cup II Aero Kit
Factory Genuine front bumper, side skirts, rear wing
Only $5500.00



Factory Rear Wing and Decklid with wiring harness
Only $2875.00

New German Exact Replica with wiring harness, fits perfect
Only $1375.00


MAS Trunk Organizer;;
For 996 and Boxster; Fits over spare tire; No tools required; Keeps articles
fron sliding around in trunk; Includes 2 leather CD Wallets; Only $119.00
New GT-2 Carbon fiber Wing Blade for 996 Twin Turbo.  Very high quality epoxy resin.  weighs only 8 pounds. Fits very well; Price only $1450.00 Click for Larger Picture
996 GT-2 Rear Spoiler for 996 Turbo;
Deck lid wing one piece, exact to factory wing; Includes needed hardware; and wiring harness.
Fits very well;
Only $2150.00

Carbon Fiber Wing blade is available for an additional $500

996 Turbo front bumper for 2002 996;
Factory Turbo front bumper, grilles and Headlight trim;
Only $1325.00.
Here is the 1999 to 2001 996 with our 996
turbo front bumper "COOL"
Only $ 1050.00
New 996 GT-3R Kit
Front bumper includes lower splitter and air ducts; Made from composite
materials;. Fits very well and gives your 996 race performance aerodynamics;
Only $1250.00
New 996 GT-3 R Cup Rear Spoiler;
Includes Deck Lid with provisions for fan motor and air duct. 55 inch Wing
blade with end caps and Aluminum Uprights: Only $1850.00
Ruf Yellowbird bumper. We make the front and rear bumper. 

Price is $1,400.00 for both.



Resists vigorous rubbing with steel wool;
Highly scratch and chemical resistant
No special cleaners or polishes needed; Can be cleaned with standard cleaners;
The best in optical clarity
50% lighter than glass
Phone: (714) 730-6917 for info
996 GT-2000;
Convert your 911 to 996 GT-3R race car; Kit includes Roof, Doors, Hood, Front bumper, Fenders, Rocker Panels, Rear quarter panels and Wing; Adaptor kit for converting the body is included; Requires a full Nascar style cage.
Price is only $6900.00


ERS 996
The first wing on the market made expressly for 996 Cabriolet, Deck Lid / Wing One Piece   More Pictures

Only $1,150.00
Carbon Fiber $ 1,350.00

ClubSport 996
996 S.C. Rear Spoiler, Adjustable Pitch, carbon Fiber wing blade, Classic Super Cup Styling.  Twin air inlets to assist in cooling.  Deck Lid Wing one piece   More Pictures

Only $1,350.00
Carbon Fiber $ 1,550.00


Club Sport 993
993 Super cup style rear spoiler.  Adjustable pitch carbon fiber wing blade.   Functional air ducts.  Bolts on 993 Deck Lid.  Accommodates 993 grill.   More Pictures

Only $1,250.00
Carbon fiber $1,450.00

GT-2 993/911 GT-2 993
Aggressive styling, with functional air ducts, 6-way adjustable pitch carbon fiber wing blade, accommodates 993 Turbo grill.

Only $1,200.00
Carbon fiber $1400.00


996 Turbo rear spoiler for the 996 Cabriolet and Coupe
Comes with brake light.  Wing blade in the full extended position.  Includes wiring harness.

Only $ 1375.00


Turbo S 993/911 993
Twin Turbo "S" style rear spoiler.  Deck Lid wing one piece, accommodates 993 turbo grill.  Exceptional Quality Guaranteed  More Pictures

Only $1,150.00
Carbon Fiber $ 1,350.00

Twin Turbo 993
Twin Turbo style Rear spoiler, Deck lid / wing one piece, accommodates 993 turbo grill

Only $1,150.00
Carbon Fiber $1,350.00


3.8RSR 993/911 3.8 RSR
rear spoiler.  6-way adjustable pitch carbon fiber wing blade highest quality guaranteed   More Pictures

Only $1,050.00
Carbon fiber $1,250.00

Euro RS 993 Rear Spoiler
Carrera RS Style, Bolts into 993 deck lid,  Replaces electric wing. Very high quality.

Only $700.00
Carbon Fiber $900.00


Euro RS/ Clubsport side skirts
Made of eurathane for durability; Fits well. Price $525.00 a pair.


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993 Turbo "S" fog lights with 38 watt German lights; Fits 993 and 964 C-2; Only $360.00

993 Aero Kit 1 Front Splitters
Made with our high tech Flex reson for strength and durability; Provides much needed stability for cornering and handling;
Only $350.00 a pair


993 Aero Kit 1 Rear Spoiler
Bolts into deck lid; utilizes 993 factory grill; Provides added aerodynamics for Touring; And for the rare occasions when guys drive too fast; Highest Quality Guaranteed
Only $850.00
New for 993;;;
997 GT-3 RS front bumper for 993;
Now your 993 will look like 997 GT-3 RS;
Uses 997 turn signals
It fits very well and looks way fast;
Price is only $1100.00
Click for Larger Picture
New for 993;
997 GT-3 RS rear spoiler for your 993;
Fits great; includes hardware;
Price only $1600.00
Carbon wing blade and end plates $400.00;
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Euro RS Front SpoilerMade with our New Flex Resins for greater durability.  Only $350.00

Euro RS Rear SpoilerBolts onto a 993 Deck Lid.  Highest Quality guaranteed.  Only $699.00



Carbon Fiber 993/996 Dash & Trim
includes 15 piece  UV resistant epoxy's for a deep lustrous finish

Only $ 375

GT II Turbo widebody
with our G type front bumper and splitter and our GT II rear spoiler and EVO-1 Carbon fiber top wing.  Convert your 911 to 993, 993 Turbo or GT-2

$ 4,500


996 Carrera Aero Kit Rear Spoiler
This is the new wing for the cabriolet and coupes.  Includes wiring harness and third brake light.

Only $ 1,450

Factory Wing: $ 2,450

996 Aero Kit 1 GT-3 Kit
Front bumper, side skirts and rear spoiler, direct from Germany

Rear Spoiler Only: $ 1,450
Factory Aero Kit: $ 4,650 

Turbo S Ducts
Turbo "s" Air ducts for 993 and C-2

Only $ 369.00 pair

Classic 73 RS Body Kit
Includes Front Bumper, Rear bumper and Duck Tail
Bumpers weigh 7 pounds. Fit is Excellent. Duck Tail and kit are the best on the market.
73 RS Kit only $1150.00
73 RSR from only $1250.00


996 Turbo Sport Exhaust
stainless Steel with 100 cell Euro Cats. Purge Tig welded. Fits very well;
30+ HP gain
Only $2850.00

Sport Exhaust Systems for 996, and 993
M.A.S. Flow sport exhausts for 911 high flow without resonance.  Made from the finest T-304 stainless steel.  Purge tig welded for strength and durability.  Increase torque to unleash the power of your car.

Quality Guaranteed !
Only $ 1,050.00

All our parts are constructed in compression mold for superior strength and durability. There are no ripples--no warping

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